About us

Founded in 1988, DEARTIS COMÉRCIO E INDÚSTRIA DE CERÁMICA ARTÍSTICA LDA is dedicated to the production of tableware, ovenware, serveware, decorative and bathroom accessories in fine stoneware and earthenware. Deartis main concept is the versatility in the creation of quality products with a unique and exclusive design.


DEARTIS seeks to grow in a constant and sustainable way, investing in the research and development of new products and new production technologies, which together with the traditional knowledge of Portuguese ceramics, allow it to respond quickly, efficiently and with quality to all the projects presented in the various product categories. This versatility is one of its main strengths.


With a strong export nature, its articles are present on all continents, with its own brand or producing for private labels.


MISSION: Our mission is to constantly develop new products of great quality in all categories and for all ranges, seeking to satisfy the needs of customers and retain them.


VISION: Our main objectives are to continue to grow steadily and sustainably, reaching new markets and being recognized for the aesthetic and high design level of our product, and also seeing our own brands recognized as world renowned brands.


VALUES: We invest daily in a constant, efficient, sustainable and innovative organization that is in harmony with the commitments of honesty, ethics, social and sustainable responsibility that we have towards our employees and the environment, always promoting the spirit of team and the well-being of our community and the surrounding environment.